3 Common Traits Every Freelancer Should Have

As a freelance copywriter, you need to be able to appeal to both your target audience and your clients. Here are three common traits that everyone looks for. 


The first and perhaps the most essential trait that anyone can have is honesty. This alone is what separates the scammers from the real deal. Your clients will almost always be able to recognize which of those you are based on your honesty alone. This goes a long way in establishing who you are not just as a salesman, but as a person in general. Don’t lie or stretch the truth about the solution you are offering. If you do, your client’s customer loyalty is going to suffer. If you make a mistake in your work, no matter how big, it’s always much better to give a truthful explanation and take full responsibility rather than lying to avoid the consequences. 

Remember, there is no such thing as a perfect copywriter. Everyone makes mistakes, so just come clean when you do. No matter what you do, never attempt to scam anyone for a quick buck, because when you do this, your online reputation begins to suffer, along with your chances of being hired.

Meeting Your Deadlines

The second common trait that you should have as a freelancer is to consistently get the job done on time. While, yes, you have the freedom to set your own schedule, your client is the one that decides when the project needs to be completed by. So, let’s say, for instance, you’re hired for a project on Monday, and your client needs it completed no later than 12:00 A.M. on Friday. The time you have between start to finish is known as your time frame. 

So, even though you’ll be working whenever and however long you want to within this time frame, you are still responsible for meeting all of the deadlines set by your client. Consistently getting things done on time will boost your online credibility, trustworthiness, and your overall reliability.  

Allowing Ownership 

Allowing your clients to have ownership will provide them with a sense of feeling in charge. Now, let’s clarify what that means. As a freelancer, you are essentially your own boss. However, if you portray yourself as the only one in charge and as though everyone is below you, your client response rate will plummet dramatically.

Speaking to your clients and treating them as though they were your boss will not only make them feel more at ease but also more sensitive to thorough communication. Remember, you want to appeal to everyone that you work with. Now, by no means do you need to go and suck up to everyone you wish to do business with. In fact, coming off as desperate can actually have a very negative impact on both your conversion and response rates.

In this case, it’s the little things that matter. Ask your clients for feedback, and make sure that they know that you appreciate the opportunities they have provided you. Offer suggestions, ask them how they would like things done, and always aim to go above and beyond their expectations. This will dramatically help to solidify your relationships with your clients by earning both their trust and respect. 

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